Merlin CPQ & GreenConfiguration

Unique together

The GreenConfiguration features are integrated into the CPQ solution Merlin CPQ and extend it with green elements. Thus, this technology enables sustainable and integrated configurations. Besides the basic CPQ system, the GreenConfiguration features require information on the sustainability of your products. This information can be provided by further systems and seamlessly integrated into your CPQ solution. With Merlin CPQ and GreenConfiguration, we connect powerful technologies that ease the ecological configuration of complex products and services and create exciting purchasing experiences.

The green CPQ process


In the application, the GreenConfiguration process works like a classic CPQ process. Additionally, different elements to visualize sustainability and functions for multi-criteria optimization are integrated to transform the configuration into a green CPQ process. The ideal process works as follows:

  1. During a collaborative consultation meeting, the sales team and the customer define the basic requirements
  2. The CPQ solution guides the user - in this case, the sales employee - through the configuration of a variant-rich product and checks whether the configured products comply with all rules. With the display of sustainability values, GreenConfiguration enables the user to create a custom solution that meets their environmental requirements.
  3. Based on the identified criteria, the ideal solution is configured. With the multi-criteria optimization of GreenConfiguration, the best compromises between the different selected criteria are identified during configuration. This algorithm can support you in different situations: if the requirements or sustainability goals have not yet been met or the customer desires an optimization according to multiple criteria, for example, functionality, price, and sustainability. 
  4. Subsequently, the customer receives a quote. Based on the GreenConfiguration findings, the quote is enriched with information on sustainability, which can then be used to create a custom sustainability report. 

Integration of external software


We offer the integration of external software with Merlin CPQ so that your company can create integrated processes. Our extensions and interfaces to third-party applications connect your system seamlessly with Merlin CPQ. The available interfaces include Product Information Management (PIM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.Thus, you can prevent isolated applications and media discontinuities as well as integrate sustainability information for GreenConfiguration with ease. If necessary, we can develop new interfaces to connect your software. Get in touch, we are happy to answer your questions on possible interfaces.

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