GreenConfiguration in detail

Green transformation

GreenConfiguration means that you visualize the ecological product aspects across the entire product lifecycle and enable a multicriteria optimization of the configuration in consideration of sustainability goals. 

Why GreenConfiguration?

Recognize added value

Enormous savings

Cost transparency via Lifecycle Costing

Increased demand

Customers desire sustainable and resource-saving products

Political regulations

Pressure to act via internationally valid restrictions

Multidimensional evaluation

Find sustainable variants via multicriteria optimization

Broaden your perspective

Understand the sustainability of your own products

Ecological perspective

Contribute to a sustainable future

Social positioning

Clearly position yourself as an eco-friendly manufacturer

Guided GreenConfiguration

Guided configuration for a unique product experience

Secure product development

Pioneering management recommendation

... and so much more!

Together, we will analyze your use case.

Sustainability in your company

GreenConfiguration application fields

Ecologically optimized solutions: conscious use of sustainable aspects during the sales process. 

Clear overview even in case of complexity: green aspects are also visible for very variant-rich products or complex services. 

Added value sustainability: information on product ecology without additional effort for customer quotes.

Recognized experts: answer the increased demand for sustainability information with ecological know-how.

Always visible ecology: no additional configuration efforts to visualize solution sustainability.

Market positioning: gain a competitive edge by proactively positioning yourself as a sustainable provider.

Achieve your ecological company goals: achieve your predefined sustainable company goal with little effort. 

GreenConfiguration FAQs

All information at a glace 

Do you have any more questions on the GreenConfiguration? Here, you can find all you need to know in a compact overview.

What do I need to deploy GreenConfiguration in my company?

To use GreenConfiguration, you need to deploy the Merlin CPQ solution as a base system. However, you can always also deploy Merlin CPQ without GreenConfiguration. Additionally, you need information on the sustainability of your products which you can provide, for example, via lifecycle assessment data and seamlessly integrate into your CPQ solution. We, or our partners, can always support you in recording and processing the sustainability information.

Where does the sustainability information for GreenConfiguration originate?

You can evaluate environmental sustainability in different ways and forms, for example, as environmental impact points, greenhouse gas emissions, or energy efficiency classes. The sustainability information of your products is often already available in ERP, PLM, or PIM systems and can be transferred to the CPQ solution. However, you also need to newly record some information in a special system via environmental accounting processes. The data required for environmental accounting can mostly taken from common sustainability databases (ecoinvent, GaBi). The exact framework to identify the eco-balance of a company via environmental accounting is described in the 14040 and 14044 ISO norms. If required, you can always record the values directly in Merlin CPQ. 

How does GreenConfiguration help me to increase the sustainability of my products?

If the respective sustainability information is recorded in Merlin CPQ, the ecological value of individual variants can be visualized according to target groups via GreenConfiguration. Thus, you can illustrate sustainability for your product development. This visualization establishes transparency and demonstrates chances and potential for development. With the possibilities of multi-criteria optimization, you can create completely optimized configurations and thus new perspectives for a sustainable product strategy. That way, you can push targeted sales of sustainable variants and tap into new markets. 

Who can benefit from GreenConfiguration?

GreenConfiguration can be deployed in all those companies who want to focus on sustainability for variant-rich products. As a cross-sectoral approach, GreenConfiguration fits almost all companies. 

We continuously develop and optimize Merlin CPQ and GreenConfiguration. We are happy to help you with your custom use case and are always interested in ideas to further develop the issue in cooperation with your company. 

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